Saturday 18 June 2022

Markonahalli Dam – one of the uncommon pitiable dams


Built across the Shimsha river, Markonahalli dam is tucked away from the main road.  The catchment water is home to a few indigenous fish species, along with a few transplanted species. With Sir M. Vishweswaraiya’s guidance, the embankment was built by Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. 



A deviation just before reaching Yediyur (when you see Paakashaala on your right) to the left towards Mandya will take you in the direction of Markonhalli village. 



 A Karnataka Tourism board reads Markonahalli, where a slight right will lead the way to the dam. 



There are two entry gates to the dam, with one of them located in a secluded place. A short walk from this gate will take you closer to the water- tread carefully on this path. The structure will be on your left, and the view of the vicinity from ground level is dazzling. 


There are vendors near the second gate, and this entrance looks more welcoming. There is no designated parking space, have a word with the friendly local vendors and park on the side of the road. A generous lady – one of the vendors – offered to keep an eye on my helmet while I strolled around the dam area.


Like all the dams in Karnataka, there is a well-maintained park at the entrance. The steps towards the top of the structure are bizarre - slanting to one side. Be mindful while getting down. The crest of the dam is more than a kilometre long. The view from the top is impressive, with the reflection of cottony clouds on the water.

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