Saturday 16 January 2021

Mydala Kere - a serene lake on Tumkur Road



No longer an unexplored place near Bangalore, Mydala Kere appears to be one of the favourites for motorcyclists, looking for a short ride from Bangalore or Tumkur. Situated at an approximate 90 kilometre from Electronic City, the route goes through the Pune-Bangalore road (NH48) deviating right after Hirehalli. A payment of Rs.10 per motorcycle is obligatory, and can ride until the lake.

An ideal place to while away the hours, the lake is broad surrounded by hills. The road to reach the lake is pretty rough, not asphalted. To get a sweeping look from various vantage points, continue on the route meandering around the water body. 

Before heading to the lake, one could stop at Mandaragiri Basadi also known as Basadi Betta (betta meaning hill). The ancient Jain basadi from 12th and 14th centuries on hilltop is under renovation, but the view of the lake and the vicinity is spectacular. The climb is not very demanding.

Credit: Praful

At the foothill is another edifice, which resembles a pinchi (a soft broom made of shed peacock feathers), which is widely known as Peacock temple. A statue of Chandranatha Thirthankara (8th of the 24 Thirtankaras) stands next to this structure with a vast area covered by green grass.