Monday 15 February 2021

Thimappana Betta - picturesque location for photoshoot

Thimappana Betta, situated off Mysore Road, is a popular place for photoshoot. There are many hills around Ramanagara to explore. At approximately 70 kilometres from Electronic City, it is an ideal place for a half-day outing. A diversion after Ramanagara Bus Stand leads towards Kootagal Village. There is a board in Kannada indicating the deviation to go towards Thimappana Betta. At the entrance arch, a fee of Rs.20/- (two-wheelers) and Rs.50/- (four-wheelers) needs to be paid.

This place falls under Ramanagara Regional Forest. Whether you are paying for the forest department or the Temple is open to question. Tarmac is good all the way to the Temple. Watch out for the narrow stretch as you near the destination.


 You can no longer take the motorcycle atop the hill, as barricades are blocking it. A small pond next to the Thimappana Swamy Temple is serene, and opposite to the Temple, is one of the viewpoints, with a stone bench. A short hike on the hill from the parking lot is where you see the famous Twin Rocks. This forms the terrific backdrop for whatever the genre of the photoshoot. A 360-degree view of the surrounding scenery is captivating.

The twin rocks look very inviting for an adventurous person, though there is no obvious route to reach there. It is an ideal place to bask in the tranquillity of nature if there is no photoshoot in progress. 

There are no restaurants or shops nearby, though the Mysore Road highway has no dearth of options. Savour a Thatte Idli from one of the many restaurants near Bidadi en route.