Saturday, 30 June 2018

Roaring Waterfalls in Monsoon

Monsoon this year has been aggressive so far. Though it's creating havoc in many places, it is the best time to get a glimpse of the waterfalls full of life. Two such spectacular waterfalls are in Shivanasamudra also known as Bluff.  It's a 130km ride/drive from Electronic City Phase 1 on the NH948 via Kanakapura.

One of the first Hydro Electric Power Station in Asia was set up here in Shivanasamudra in 1902. We see the river bifurcating into two, giving birth to the 4th largest island formed by the Kaveri. Both the branches plunge through rocky outcrops forming two waterfalls, namely Gaganachukki (western falls) and Barachukki (eastern falls). In both, water flows over cliffs cascading into multiple side by side waterfalls.

Deviate from the (NH948) Kollegala Road by turning left on to the small village road and go about 3km to reach the Gaganachukki waterfall. From here there is a shorter route to reach the main road that goes alongside the check dam. The water level here was to the brim when we visited and water was splashing on us due to the heavy wind. The old stone bridge (Wesley Bridge) on the way to Barachukki will make you admire the engineers who constructed it. It is sad to see that our people have made this spot a convenient place to bath in the water.

Road widening on Kanakpura Road is in full swing, which means the sides of the road are almost chipped off. Expect traffic jams and slow movement of vehicles. The route gets interesting after the town of Kanakapura when the terrain gives way to rocky hillocks. During monsoon lot of shrubs crop up between the rocks, making the barren land abundant with greenery. 

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