Sunday, 9 December 2012

Two months and counting

Joseph Hyoen

"Wow! You guys are travelling around without a return date, it surely is something to be envied about." This is the reaction we get most of times when we talk to people whom we meet on our journey. Yes it sounds amazing and it's definitely a dream come true for me. How does one feel, when her dreams come true? It's not possible to express in words. Since the very first time I met Romin at Kobe sizzlers in Bangalore, I have envied him and his way of travel. From that time onwards all I did was to dream of travelling like him "WITH" him of course :) According to me, travelling is the best way to learn how to live, not merely reading philosophical books. By travelling you experience every emotion, that you might otherwise not feel just sitting at home or at workplace.

Our way of travelling is backpacking, frugal and no unnecessary indulgences, no creature comforts. This way of travelling is fun there is no denying it, at the same time it requires not being just physically strong but emotionally stronger. For me this is the first time away from home for more than a month, other than summer vacations spent at Grandparents home. As I write this blog, it's more than two months since we began travelling. There are times when I was longing to see the bed at my room and crash on that or just eat the food that my mother cooks and just spend time with friends and loved ones. Like I said before travelling calls for lot of emotional energy at the end of the day. I very proudly say that I am growing strong emotionally. This doesn't mean I don't miss home.


  1. Yes, you are a truly amazing couple! So unusual to be travelling around without any encumbrances, so contrary to the "Indian" way of life - education, career, "relaxation".......I keep telling everyone, Romin & Megha take a break from a "holiday" to do some work!

    1. "I keep telling everyone, Romin & Megha take a break from a "holiday" to do some work!"
      We are honoured. Thanks for the motivation, not easy to get from "Indians"
      When are we going for the next unplanned trip? ;-)

  2. Great going guys... Will be a thrill read your blog... Keep Safe. Enjoy :)

  3. congratulations and so much to learn from you both. Pray keep moving safe allways.