Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Nongriat-Weiphngam falls-Nohkalikai trek

"Beware that even for the fittest walker, this hike is highly strenuous"- Lonely Planet, about double decker root bridge trek.

What if this is just a warm up trek for a day long trek from double decker to Nohkalikai waterfalls viewpoint, which takes more than three hours and climbs from 375m (Nongriat village) to 1300m (Nohkalikai waterfalls viewpoint).

As there was no taxi at 6.30am to Mawshamok, the good Samaritan who stays near Saitsohpen offered us a ride. Another fifteen minutes walk to Lum-Sophie, next one hour trek to Nongriat was ceaseless. Being on this trail a few times in the last month the concrete steps were a tad boring. Still, the turquoise blue waters under the wire bridge enthralled us. After breakfast and packing lunch from Cooling Corner, there was an extra trek in our agenda when Byron's father in law offered to come with us as a guide.

Weiphngam Falls:

DO NOT attempt this trail without a guide. This less beaten pathway is very rarely used by the locals, narrow and dangerous, you may have just enough space to place one foot. Starting right after Mawsaw root bridge, the deviation itself is hard to find. Our 50+ year old guide was clearing the trail with his machete. The best thing about this part of forest is that no major wildlife is present and it is very safe to explore as far as you know where you are heading to. It took more than an hour to reach the magical waterfalls with a rainbow across plunging into a pool of blue water. More than endurance, techniques will make this trek easy-use a hiking pole or a stick to balance your body weight on the narrow cliff.

Nohkalikai Falls:

Reaching the viewpoint in three hours seemed to be difficult when we started at 1pm. The trail from Mawsaw root bridge to Nohkalikai viewpoint is not used by locals or tourists often and there are no villages on the way. You may feel little claustrophobic as the sunlight is scanty, thanks to the tall trees keeping the open sky a rare scene. On the rainy days the mossy rocks make it impossible to trudge along this way. Endurance and stamina as well as water and energy bars matter a lot on this steadily steep but wide path. Lots of butterflies and even more spiders await you-a stick to clear the cobweb is a must. There is only one stream after Mawsaw bridge to replenish water bottles. Before sunset we tottered up to the open grassy moors near the viewpoint at 4pm, after dark finding your way in this trail is nearly impossible.

There are taxis to Sohra market, 4km away. This trek is best done with an overnight stay at Nongriat Rest House, trekking to Weiphngam falls on day one and starting early to Nohkalikai the next day. Barefoot Treks and Hikes, run by ever-helpful Bansan Kupar (9615093898) can arrange guides, to explore the forest safely as well as accommodation and meals.


  1. Intrepid adventures indeed! Not for everyone. Your appetite for the great outdoors is amazing! What did you do for food en route during your treks? And other basic needs? Any safety issues - from man or animal?

  2. The small cafe just before double Decker was our breakfast and lunch provider. You need to carry sufficient water, there is only one stream after Mawsaw bridge.
    Major danger was the huge spiders and mosquitoes. We didn't meet any people on the way but in case if they meet you, they'll be more than happy that you are retracing the old route to Sohra market.

  3. I had tried this trek solo.
    Without water I suffered the lot. I thought I would couldn't at some point. But hopefully I completed the trek with miracle.
    Please make sure water and food before doing this trek. and don't do it in monsoon.