Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Jobless Backpacker(s)

That's how I introduced myself to Megha when I met her two years back. Jobless is a state of freedom and a good state of mind provided we are prepared for it. Backpacking is a way of life rather than a way of travel. We learn to live with the basic minimum and appreciate even little creature comforts. Travel without a planned return date - there is a special thrill in that. We were planning to do this after a few years, but we learned from others health is the biggest wealth for such a trip. Luxury of time is definitely an advantage too. We start by train (of course on a tatkal ticket) on Oct  2nd from Cochin to Guwahati to explore the Northeast states in the next 3 months. ERS - GHY Tatkal ticket Rs.4144/- for 2 in 3A, distance - 3332 km.

Preparing for this trip - financial and physical fitness - was our single goal in the last two years. Dreams come true if you chase them with persistence. We intend to update this blog as and when access to an internet cafe is available. Stay tuned to know what happens to a couple gone crazy about traveling.

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